As a citizen of the 21st century,
you should be able to

  • Convert your ideas into actions.

  • Undertake, create, or initiate a personal, professional, or business project.

  • Dare to materialize your development or business plans.

  • Seek funding to develop your project or start your own company.

  • Organize, manage, and take on the challenges and risks of a new project or business.

  • Take control of your future.

  • Reinvent yourself to seek new opportunities.

  • Develop an alternative value proposition to what the market offers you.

  • Continuously adapt your personal project or business to the new market conditions.

  • Be willing to experiment, take risks, make mistakes, and learn.

  • Perform the key operations of your business or personal project
  • Communication, environment monitoring, problem solving, technology implementation, use of interpersonal and organisational skills
  • Written and oral communication, technical management, and organizing skills
  • Organize and efficiently manage the operations
  • Planning and goal setting, decision making, human resources management, marketing, finance, accounting, customer relations, quality control, negotiation, business launch, growth management, compliance with regulations skills, accounting
  • Balance short-term and long-term goals
  • Utilize time and manage workload efficiently
  • Self-control and discipline, risk management, innovation, persistence, leadership, change management, network building, and strategic thinking
  • Personal maturity (self-awareness, willingness and ability to accept responsibility, emotional development, and creative ability)
  • Identify opportunities and create solutions that capture those opportunities
  • Judging the quality of content, information, procedures or solutions
  • Being able to criticize a work product with respect to their credibility, relevance, and bias using a set of standards or specific framework
  • Criticism, auditing, appraisal, authentication

Sources: Based on a review of existing frameworks
(Elmuti, Khoury & Omran, 2012; Lichtenstein & Lyons 2001; OECD, 2018).


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21st century skills help individuals of all ages to reinvent themselves throughout life, adapt to changing and diverse circumstances, and identify opportunities for growth amid differences.


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