New education for the new normal

Traditional education is not enough to prepare people for rapidly changing labor markets, challenged environments, and increasingly diverse societies. Non-traditional actors have led new trends in education and disrupted the markets.

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Technology is disrupting the world of education.
Still technology alone can’t transform education.

What Technology Can and Can’t Do for Education?

With COVID-19, the world is currently engaging in the biggest distance learning experiment in history. In times of crisis, education depends on technology. This report examined how Finland, Korea, Uruguay, Estonia, and -to a lesser extent- United States engaged in EdTech reforms.



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How Do Disruptive Innovators Prepare
Today’s Students to be Tomorrow’s Workforce?

The Disruption Brief Series aims to understand new trends in education led by non-traditional actors. The series shows how these actors are disrupting the market and progressively occupying the spaces traditionally held by schools, universities, and formal education agencies. In this series, distinguished education experts and professionals share their insights and knowledge about these new models of education.

Global Alumni's
E-Learning Revolution

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  • Pablo Rivas
    CEO, Global Alumni

Minerva’s Co-Op Model:
A Pathway To Closing The Skills Gap

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  • Diana Goldemberg
    Assistant Professor of Economics, Minerva Schools at KGI

  • James Genone
    Assistant Professor of Economics, Minerva Schools at KGI

  • Scott Wisor
    Assistant Professor of Economics, Minerva Schools at KGI