Teachers' voices: first-line workers

Learn how award-winning, innovative teachers in Latin America and the Caribbean have demonstrated great leadership, continued learning, and ensure that no student is left behind during the pandemic. This blog series is dedicated to recognizing and sharing 16 teachers’ inspiring stories and voices in the region, who have won the REDUCA Innovative Practices Award. Through the in-depth interviews, we seek to identify, share, and disseminate the innovative roles and practices of educators in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has made new demands for effective, quality education, while it has transformed the reality for teachers, who play a critical role in the continuity of learning. Find out how these teachers are nurturing students’ #Skills21 in and out of the classroom to ensure that children and young people in the region access inclusive, equitable, and quality public education. REDUCA is a member of the 21st Century Skills Coalition led by IDB.

  • Daniel Ballestero Umaña

  • Verónica Spross de Rivera

  • Mercedes Mateo