Disrupting Education and Economic Opportunities

The world is changing faster than ever before. The challenges that societies, economies and governments face are testing our ability to respond and adapt today. Education must be part of this transformation and respond to the needs of the new generations to provide creative responses to new problems and equip young people with tools that enable them to live in the midst of uncertainty. In the new blogs series, recognized experts will share more about the new trends in education and economic opportunities and how emerging actors are generating major disruptions to provide better opportunities for youth development and inclusion.

  • Glenda Quintini

  • Patricia Navarro-Palau

  • Roy Swift, Karen Elzey and Isabel Cardenas-Navia

  • Raquel Fernández,Liz Miller Lee,Ela Díaz Díaz,Luis Espinal

  • Ana María Raad

  • Nicole Bruskewitz

  • Andrea Prieto

  • Raquel Fernández, María Loreto Biehl y Hazel Elizondo Barboza

  • Laura Ripani

  • Maritza Vela

  • Alejandro Noguera Cepeda

  • Mercedes Mateo

  • Hermanas Carvajalino

  • Mercedes Mateo

  • Alejandra Luzardo

  • Eliana Prada

  • Mercedes Mateo

  • Jamai Blivin


December 11, 2020
  • Juan Manuel Pico

  • Mònica Casabayó

  • Andreas Schleicher