Promoting the development and implementation of remote tutoring as a cost-effective tool to accelerate learning in the new normality and take a chance on the educational recovery of the region.


Greater learning opportunities

Timely support tailored to each student

Cost effective
Simple and scalable technology

& Develop skills
Foundational and socioemotional

8 out of 10 6th grade students in Latin America and the Caribbean do not reach a basic minimum level of skills expected for their age.

As a result of the pandemic, an increase of 20 p.p. in the number of underperforming youth in the region is expected.

Accelerate Learning aims to implement remote tutoring as a cost-effective tool to accelerate learning in the new normal.

At the IDB, we promote the development of remote tutoring pilots to accelerate learning as part of the educational recovery strategy in the region. We have supported 8 jurisdictions in the region to develop tutoring models adapted to their contexts and realities. 




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